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As my second child soon turns 1, we’ve decided to organize a small family gathering at home to celebrate her 1st birthday. I haven’t yet thought of a birthday theme, if any. Her birthday is in two weeks time but I thought we wouldn’t be doing anything at all due to Covid-19 disruptions. So I’ve left everything to the last minute! I know I’m making her a cake in the form of a number 1. That’s just about it!I have thought about the ‘Quccija’ though, as its called in Malta. A Maltese tradition dating back to the 18th Century. Many objects symbolizing a profession are placed on a rug around the baby and the first one she picks is meant to predict her future career or lifestyle.My first born picked up a kitchen utensil, meaning he might become a chef or baker. I picked up an egg, meaning I would have a house full of things (which I don’t because I like minimalism), many kids (two are more than enough 😅) and a long life (hope so!).These are the items I will be placing for my daughter to choose from:

  • Kitchen Utensil – Chef
  • Calculator – Accountant
  • Rosary bead – Nun
  • Egg – full life
  • Computer mouse – I.T
  • Money – Wealthy/Business
  • Pen – Lawyer/Notary/Writer
  • Thermometer – Doctor
  • Measuring Tape – Tailor/Fashion
  • Book – Scholar/Intelligent
  • Paintbrush – Artist
  • Chalk – Teacher
  • Maracas – Musician
  • Ball – Sports
  • Comb – Hairdresser
  • Lipstick – Make up Artist/Beautician

Have I left something out? What did you pick?