Clicformers Space Set

Clicformers Space Set


Attention space heroes! Are you ready to explore a distant galaxy with a self-built spaceship? That’s good, because there are a lot of challenges waiting for you in space! With this Clicformers Mini Space Set it’s all possible! You can make your own space creations with the 18 building blocks and 12 accessories. Difficult? No, really! With the included booklet you can easily try out all the examples.

Unleash the exploration robot into space and discover what the universe has to offer.

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Additional Information

Clicformers are childrens’ toy sets suitable from 4 years old. And because Clicformers itself is also a smart toy, it remains fascinating. That means that this set grows with your child. More and more complicated constructions may be created with it by clicking together the blocks and accessories in a different way each time. Clicformers are durable and can withstand years of building, demolition and rebuilding. In other words, construction toys in the purest sense of the word, where the only danger is that your children just won’t get enough. But that’s just the point of fun toys, isn’t it?

Recommended Age: 4 years+

Set Includes: 18 Clicformer blocks and 12 accessories

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