Garden Trolley Set

Garden Trolley Set


All you need to keep your garden tools safe and neat. An attractive, robust mix of materials comprised of beech wood, metal and heavy-duty plastic. Easy to push and pull with robust wheels. It has four slots for large and small gardening tools and additional space for one’s own gardening and digging equipment. With rubber-finished metal feet for stability. It comes complete with accessories. A spade, a rake, a plastic flowerpot, a dustpan, and a hand rake.

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Additional Information

Young, aspiring gardeners will love this tool! This garden set comprises of a trolley, a spade, a rake, a plastic flower pot and small gardening tools like a dustpan and a smaller rake. The robust trolley is made of beechwood and metal and can be pushed and pulled with ease across the ground thanks to the indestructible wheels and offers 4 set places for large and small gardening tools each. The open bottom of the trolley makes cleaning easier. With rubberized metal base for a safe stand! The well-thought-out design and orientation of the storage area for the large gardening tools adds even more safety for the young gardeners! The spade, rake, shovel and other tools can be placed so that they point away from the children’s head and face to help prevent injuries.

Approx. 27 x 30 x 57 cm; Grip height: 57 cm

from 3 years



Suitable for 3 years and upwards