Little Sunshine Baby Oil Bar

Little Sunshine Baby Oil Bar


✅Keeps skin smooth and soft
✅ Great for babies and children all ages
✅ Hydrates skin
✅ 100% plastic free
✅ Vegan
✅ Contains 0% microplastics
✅ Free from palm oil
✅ Natural ingredients
✅ Animal test free
✅ Free from sulphates and parabens
✅ 20g x 3 (3 bars of 20g each)
✅ Handmade in the Netherlands

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Additional Information

This plastic-free Body Oil keeps the skin supple and soft. With this Bar you can easily rub your baby or child and massage it without a mess. The three handy bars contain natural cocoa butter, jojoba oil and macadamia oil for a nourished and hydrated skin. With a mild floral fragrance. What ingredients are in the Bar? The Baby & Kids Body Oil Bar contains a smart composition of natural ingredients for a well-groomed and hydrated skin. Cocoa butter Jojoba oil Macadamia oil  

Nothing better than a clean baby! With this plastic-free and natural Baby Bar you can wash your baby’s hair and skin wonderfully mild. The natural shea butter and aloe vera soften and condition the skin. In addition, the jojoba oil provides hydration. Gives a mild cleaning and ensures easy to comb hair. With the fresh and invigorating scent of aloe vera.

This Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Bar is 100% (micro) plastic free. Not an ounce of plastic is involved in production, shipping and storage. With the natural ingredients you can wash and care for your skin and hair. Just as effective as a traditional plastic bottle of baby shampoo and baby shower gel, but in one plastic-free Bar. This way you save a lot of plastic packaging. A conscious choice for you, your baby and the environment! Discover the power of plastic-free.

  1. Massage the Bar between wet hands until foam forms.
  2. Wash the skin and hair with the foam.
  3. Rinse well and voilà!