Plant and Garden Set

Plant and Garden Set


  • This gardening set promotes playing in nature and handling plants and natural foodstuffs
  • Reusable plant pots to plant beautiful plants in your home.
  • Equipment: watering can, hand shovel and 3 plant pots
  • Inspires role-playing.
  • This Plant and Garden Set belongs in every garden space!

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Additional Information

Gardening with grown-ups! With a shovel, a watering can and reusable flower pots, nothing will stand in the way of gardening. Simply fill the flower pots with soil, plant the seeds, and watch what happens! Young, aspiring gardeners can playfully learn how to work with nature and perceive their environment. The robust shovel made of wood and metal can be securely held by children’s hands. The flower pots allow the water to drain wonderfully with the holes in the bottom. Which plants will grow there?

Watering can approx. 20 x 9 x 13 cm; Shovel approx. 19 x 7 x 3 cm

from 3 years


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