Theme Park Activity Table 3-in-1

Theme Park Activity Table 3-in-1


Where do we begin? A beautifully crafted theme park activity table which transforms into a regular kids’ table when they grow up.

When kids are still little, they can use the top part of the table to practice some motor activity fun! In front of the backdrop of a theme park, a brightly coloured world of adventure opens up on the wooden board of this motor activity table that’s playable from four sides that includes a whitewater ride course, an archway, an ice cream stand, a Ferris wheel, carousel and a train. The bead rollercoaster and various spinning, folding, rolling, and screwing elements playfully train children’s fine motor skills. The softly clicking elements provide acoustic stimulation while joyful figurines in the forms of a giraffe, a tiger, a meerkat and their friends inspire kids to imagine and make up creative stories.

Thanks to the removable table top, it can be used multifunctionally as a floor play board, a motor activity table, or a table for playing, drawing, and crafting!

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Additional Information

For young children, the top board portion of the motor activity table can be used on top of the table or set flat on the floor and played with there. An integration into a railroad play world is also possible thanks to the adapter points for most major wooden toy train tracks. For older children, the table can be turned into a drawing or crafting table by flipping the top board over. The hole then serves as a vessel for water or a place to hold pencils or markers. The table has solid wooden legs making it very stable and durable to be used for many years to come.


approx. 52 x 52 x 64 cm, playing height 42 cm

from 12 months and beyond

wood, metal, plastic



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