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Resources Review

As a family, we love building blocks and construction toys for their open-ended play. Taksa Toys have won many awards for their building pieces and we wanted to test them out. The recommended age is from 3-99 years so it’s perfect for the whole family (although very young kids need to be supervised as some parts are small). These building pieces are unique and not only because of their texture but unlike any other construction toys, they have no joints or clips. You need to use balance to create something and this makes them all the more exciting.

These sets encourage children to work out different ways of building something through balancing pieces and trial and error, unlike other blocks which require joining or stacking. We like this because it requires kids and adults alike to use problem-solving skills and above all creativity.

Interestingly, Taksa which is Thai for ‘skill’ is a father and son project. Both are architects and wanted to create something which would help kids enhance skills which are sometimes lacking in modern kids, especially due to a reliance on technology. Their main aim is to reinforce fundamental skills which only depend on the child’s creative ability.

What made the Resources set more appealing to us is that they are eco-friendly and have in fact won the ‘Eco-Friendly Product of the Year 2018’ from Creative Child Magazine. Each piece is made from TPE which is recyclable, 100% biodegradable and above all non-toxic!

So, happy balancing πŸ™‚ Please share your creations which us, we’d love to see how you have used your Resources set.