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Road Works Ahead

Before having kids I had more time and energy to try new things like sewing, tapestry, painting, making room decorations, anything i could make myself. Time is less of a luxury now.

My 3 year old son is a bit like me, he’s calm and loves to spend time in nature, do crafts, construct and make up very creative stories along the way. A few days ago he was playing with his construction toys and created a village he called Otya, which is in England! There are lots of animals here who walk around freely and make Easter eggs ❀️

So we both love a good craft project and we had a bunch of leftover pieces of wood after building a gazebo and wanted to do something useful with it. Something I could leave out on the terrace and not have to bring inside every evening. I asked him what we could do with the wood and he said we should build a proper village for Otya. So here came the idea of building a simple road network.

We started by cleaning the wood and painting it with chalkboard paint we had bought from abroad many moons ago and never got to use (paint the wood outside or on a mat as it gets messy if kids are involved!). We left it out to dry overnight and repeated the process the next day. After 2 days it was dry and we were ready to bring out the chalk. My son made the marks for the road and roundabout. I did the stop sign and clock tower. My son then moved the roads around to set up Otya 😊

He used his cars and Playmobil to create different stories and decided we needed to paint more wood to make it larger and build train tracks for his trains. So i suppose this is still a work in progress and we will continue working to make Otya a better place for the residents and animals πŸ™‚

What you will need:

  • Pieces of wood (Cardboard works well too, but less durable).
  • Paint (ideally chalkboard paint if you want to use chalk and rub it off whenever you want)
  • Chalk
  • Vehicles and little play toys
  • Imagination
Pieces of Wood
Paint with Chalkboard Paint
Bring out the Chalk!
Otya started off as a very basic village…
…and continued to evolve!
Work in progress πŸ™‚