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Summer Boredom Busters

Summer is here and after spending so much time indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were more than ready to go out. Or so I thought. Our summers are too hot to be outside with a 1 year old and almost 4 year old, so our usual routine needed some tweaking. We try to get out of the house everyday between 8am and 10:30am (both kids wake up between 5:30/6:30am 😅). We go for a walk in the countryside nearby and take a ball with us or go on a scavenger hunt for rocks, twigs and leaves to use later on for a craft. On some days we go to the park next to our house or to a larger park, which is usually quite empty seeing that we start our day so early.Once we are back home the first words my almost 4 year old will say are ‘what are we going to do now!?!’ I believe in the importance of free play. Their playroom has ample space for that, with age appropriate toys and games to stimulate creativity. However, we still enjoy doing crafts and activities together, which we usually do after lunch till late afternoon until its bearable to go outside again. I’ve compiled a list of indoor and outdoor fun activities to do with the kids. We’ve already done a few and have a long list left to see us through to September!

Here’s a list of Boredom Buster Activities to do indoors:

  1. Reading
  2. Paper Plate Faces
  3. Pots, Pans, Kitchen items to make Music Instruments
  4. Super Heroes Lolly Sticks
  5. Make Pizza Dough
  6. Make Play Dough
  7. Make Giant Bubble Solution and Bubble Wand
  8. Make 2 ingredient cloud dough
  9. Make 1 ingredient Banana Ice-Cream
  10. Make a nature loom (with things picked up on nature walks)
  11. Creating nature faces (with leaves from garden)
  12. Make a Bird Feeder
  13. Paper Dolls (yarn, cereal boxes,googly eyes, buttons etc)
  14. Paper Weaving
  15. Pebble Art
  16. Kitchen Towel Art (kitchen roll, washable markers, water, pipette/paintbrush)
  17. Decorate Glass Jars to make Vases (with Sharpie Pens)
  18. Family Tree
  19. Clean Up Challenge (according to objects of same color, shape, types of toys etc)
  20. Painting
  21. Decorate Cup Cakes
  22. Hide and Seek
  23. Treasure Hunt
  24. Kids Yoga
  25. Dance Party
  26. Sorting Buttons
  27. Lego Challenge
  28. Make a Sock Puppet
  29. Make a Volcano
  30. Make Ice-Tea from scratch
  31. Set up a Pretend Shop

Here’s a list of Boredom Buster Activities to do outdoors:

  1. Wash Car (a real one!)
  2. Car Wash (toys) with shaving foam and water
  3. Farmers Market (give kids some money to choose what to buy)
  4. Nature Scavenger Hunt
  5. Gardening (watering plants, planting new seeds)
  6. Insect Hunt with Magnifying Glass
  7. Play sand
  8. Water play
  9. Flower Pressing
  10. Beach
  11. Sun-Melted Crayon Drawing
  12. Feed the birds (make a bird feeder)
  13. Obstacle Course Race
  14. Visiting family and friends
  15. Country walks
  16. Picnics on Terrace
  17. Kinetic Sand
  18. I spy..
  19. Hatching a Frozen Dino

How do you plan to spend your summer?